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Protected: 2013 BVHS Tiger football form

Get ready for the third annual Arlund Seniors Tiger football photo session. Chuck is a BVHS Tiger alumni himself so we decided to donate our time and talent again to create another mind blowing BVHS Senior Tiger football program & poster. WHEN: Sunday August 12th at 6pm WHERE: BVHS Stadium WHAT TO BRING: Jeans, jerseys, helmets, Letter jacket,  Footballs with no name on it, and a good participating attitude HOW LONG: Expect to be there for 2.5 hours. This year we will be trying to do a movie poster style with more close up images of you all. Here is the poster we designed for the team last year. Front side and the back side.

BVHS poster. Front and Back

This year the theme is "Tradition Never Dies Family Never Fails. I I am going to try and do a movie style poster where a few groups will be photographed and then pieced together. The last two years we have done a full body style and this year I want to get a little closer up on everyone. I will still shoot a shot like the last two years just in case the pieced together one does not look good. WHO IS CHUCK Chuck Arlund is a graduate of BVHS Class of 1988. Was a rock musician from 1988-2005, Has been a photographer just as long. His degree is from Middle Tennessee State University in Recording Industry Business and minor in photography. He was a commercial photographer for the KC Star in the early 2000's. He has spent most of the 90's and 00's in Nashville TN. His family recently moved back to Overland Park. Personal: Chuck is married to Kristina who is a makeup artist for MAC. Chuck and Kristina have 3 kids Lachlann 7.5, Olivia, 5 and Nikolette 19 months.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012

Professional: Commercial shooter for Musicians and Fashion Industry. Check out his work at

Some behind the scenes pics from two years ago.

Please take a few minutes and fill out the questions that will be appearing in the program. 

Go Tigers.

Protected: For My Creative Live Class. Fathers Day 2013


Thanks so much for watching. I'd love to know what you thought good or bad, s please leave a comment.

These are the links I promised.

1st up is my quick light guide. Click to view or download.

Click to download or view PD

2nd is the link to my light book. or click on image of book.

For the next week this will be at the Creative Live price of 24.95. Expires June 23, 2013

Creative Live I have heard so much about this Creative Live. It is the talk of the nation when it comes to photographers. I am honored and excited to have been asked to be a part of CL this Sunday. All info click here: I'll be covering some basics to start with but not much. It is assumed that you will already know a lot of this stuff like, Inverse square law, light patterns and how flash exposure works. Mostly I will be shooting and doing stuff I normally do with not much equipment. That is why the class is called Hack Your Light. I'm looking forward to reverse engineering some of my images that the folks over at CL picked out. That is a great way to learn. I want you to see that interesting lighting does not have to be complicated and that a lot of time, photographers try and overcomplicate things just because they feel like they have to I guess. I hope you turn in this sunday.      
MrLJune 16, 2013 - 9:27 pm

Explanation for the picture being lit completely when using shutter speed much faster than sync speed:
the strobe you use illuminates for 250 ms (or close); this is how the strobe works – it starts with high power and then discharges slowly; so when the shutter curtains move there is still light coming from the strobe (but less compared to the initial light – you can see the picture is not uniformly lit).
The speedlight works differently: it discharges practically instantaneously compared with the strobe (1/10000s range)
If you use a higher quality strobe (with smaller discharge time) then your trick will not work anymore.

What’s New Chuck?

I feel like it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. So for those that might follow this blog let me fill you in. First I have discovered Tumblr. It's easy and lets me put up a picture with little text easily. I like it and I have been posting there regularly once a day or so for a few months now. It all started when I was looking through some old negatives and realized that I have lost the idea of just taking pictures for myself of things I love. Mostly nudes  with a touch of fashion and fine art.  The site can be looked at here. Why Anton? I wanted to go by my middle na,e for this more personal work and the direction I am going now with my photography.

Blue tone silver - 1989

As for myself I have been shooting a lot. Mostly commercial and personal. I have done a few seniors and one wedding this year. My focus is really on the music industry and a bit of fashion. I have also been teaching and lecturing a lot lately. I love meeting all of the photographers across the country and being able to share whatever it is I might know about photography. Always learning though and then sharing. I really enjoy teaching. I'll be on the WPPI road show "On the road" this summer at all four locations I'm also teaching at three of the Sandy Puc tour this late summer and fall. I hope that I get to meet some of you out on the road. Well, that is whats up with me. Please go follow my tumblr page for current work and very old work. I seem to go back and forth. I'll post more here as I get less busy. Busy is good right? Thanks for the support everyone. Chuck
BobJune 16, 2013 - 9:16 pm

I watched you on creative live today. Fabulous! And I am completely fascinated with your vision and how you see shadow, as much as how you connect with the people you shoot. Incredible, and I want to reverse engineer everything you shoot. Where can I see more of your lighting set ups so I can learn from them?



First, Thank you for wanting me to come back with the "photo booth" this year. Had a great time again. is my senior photography website.

I do this to let you know you're senior pics can be different and more unique than going to a studio or by a tree and flipping your collar. I also don't like over-saturated no skin images. Who am I? A music industry & fashion photographer I also teach all over the country. My commercial website is. If you want to check it out. I put most stuff on my Facebook page though. I am only really marketing my services to BVHS. The reason for that is I am alumni back in 1988. That does not mean I wouldn't love to take your senior pics if you are from another school! If you like us please share. :) I'd love to take your senior pics if you like what you see. Ok, on to the photos. Share these, download these, print these. Do whatever you want. Have fun. Photo booth images: Thank you all again. Please share link and video.