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Shooting a wedding for a sick friend

Here is a story. As you may know I was pretty ill a couple of weeks ago and I thought I might not be able to shoot a wedding. I had an outpouring of support and a bunch of photographers voluntered there time. Thankfully I was able to shoot the wedding and everything was ok.

I had a chance to return the Karma yesterday for my great friends at Imagine studio in Kansas City. Jenny, who when I first started shooting weddings was my assistant, had to go to the hospital for a kidney stone.

Here is the stoy. Shawn, her husband and my old drummer form Downtown Clown see very first post. Shawn is the one in the Gold’s Gym shirt.

Anyway, Shawn and Jenny own Imagine studios here in Kansas City. Check them out. Shawn is one of the best video guys I know and Jenny is a great photographer. Shawn called me Friday on his was of rushing Jenny to the hospital. He asked me if I knew anyone who could shoot their wedding that Saturday, yesterday. I told him I would check and thought to myself, I’m not doing anything and I need to get the kids back to see the grandparents. I booked a flight for Saturday morning and started shooting at noon. I was a little scarred at first when we first told the bride that her photographer was in the hospital and I would be the photographer for the day. She was very cool about it and we had a wonderful day.

I guess the moral to this story is if you are a wedding photographer make sure you have friends that are also in the biz. I love the fact that I was able to help out and I hope Jenny has a speedy recovery. I might be shooting their wedding for next weekend also. LOL

Shawn, thanks for calling brother. Anytime I can help anyone out, please don’t be afraid to call.

chrisJune 14, 2009 - 6:58 am

Ohh…. LOVE the blog!!! it’s pinkerific!!


Back in Time Volume 1 – A look at some old work

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of my old stuff. At least 5 years old. We might go back 20 years when I can get  to a film scanner. I have some fun stuff I think.

I like taking a look back and seeing what I have done and how my style is changing and evolving.

Here are some images that date back to 2002-03. Before I had heard of the digital wedding forum or WPPI or PPA.
It was just me and my handful of fashion photo books that I still drool over.

Here is a fashion shoot I did for a model named Deanna. I think this is your basic Calvin Klein style lighting. I used a Profoto pack with one large 6′ softbox. Shot on a cyc wall. What is a cyc wall? It is a large white wall that curves up and creates a seamless background. If I remember correctly this was shot also for my wife’s makeup portfolio. Here is a closeup.

fas05I used two lights for this. One Softbox and then a barebulb off to the right and a bit behind .

Here are some shots from the same day although these were shot for a dress designer in Nashville.

Ann Francis

Ann Francis

These ere some of the first wedding photos I used to get business. I was asked to shoot a fashion show for the designer and we just hit it off. Without these early contacts in the wedding industry it would have been much harder to break into I believe.

These were shot with the large box also. The box was placed farther from the model. The background is a gray seamless.  She is a good distance from the background letting the wrinkles become a bit out of focus.

Here is a shot we used for a MAC AIDS Awareness benefit.  Again with the Cyc wall. Large box for main light and two bare flash heads to light background. All Profoto.

The model was a co-worker of my wife’s. There is a photo with a red background and splattered red make-up that is pretty cool. I’ll have to find it.

For MAC Aids Awarness benifit

For MAC Aids Awareness benefit

Here is one more from a fashion shoot for the hip hop group Grits. I had the opportunity to work for a bunch of Christian Hip hop groups. Always look for opportunity. I saw a flier at MTSU – The college I attended. The big GMA week in Nashville was going on and this group needed a photographer to shoot some live shots and a fashion show. I got to hang out with Stephen Baldwin and meet some great people in a industry and a type of music I knew nothing about.  Again, always look for opportunity. The more places you are and be able to network the better chance you have of “being in the right place at the right time” Get it? Luck does not happen, you create luck by creating opportunity.

From Grits Fashion shoot

From Grits Fashion shoot

Here is one of the CD covers I was hired to photograph because of answering a ad of a flyer.

Petti is a really great guy, check him out.

Since I have kind of switched this topic to music here are a couple of live shots. This is something I tried to get into but I really hated going to see live music for the longest time. This life was the majority of my life and I dearly miss playing music. It was really hard for me to go see a band play. I am over it now. Hopefully I’ll be back on stage soon. Keep the wife from selling half of my guitars. LOL

Miracle Drug

Miracle Drug

One Vivitar 283 on camera dragging the shutter.

Miracle Drug

Miracle Drug

What happens if the photographer gets sick?

It is in all of us pro photographers contracts. It says something like, If we get sick then we warrant your event will be photographed by a professional replacement. Ok so where do we get this professional? Well, as some of you know a couple of weeks ago I became very sick. Not in a flu type of way but all of my muscles sort of shut down. The doctors said it was a virus. My whole body hurt and I could hardly walk. My hands were useless. I had a wedding the week after I got this Virus.

Thankfully because of social networking and pro photography forums I had a couple of very qualified professionals ready to come to my aid. I just want to say thank you to the photographers that were going to step in for me. Neil was eventually the guy I picked. Thankfully I was well enough to shoot the wedding with a little help from Dan Rowe who had recently completed a mentoring session with me.

So, thank you Digital Wedding Forum, Facebook and everyone who offered help.

If you are a photographer and are not on a pro forum of some sort I would suggest you join one.

Dan RoweJune 20, 2009 - 7:51 pm

Chuck, glad I could help and learn a thing or two in the process. Here anytime you need me. Thanks again.

ProjectRunwayJuly 11, 2009 - 4:33 am

Female fashion models who work with the designers throughout the season are also in the competition. Each week, as the number of designers dwindle, the number of models are also reduced, with one model remaining at the end. Models are randomly pre-assigned to a designer during the first challenge, and from the second challenge onwards, the designers will have an opportunity to pick the model they wish to work with. This usually happens during the start of every episode save for the first, with the winner of the previous challenge receiving first pick, and the other designers picking models in order through host Klum’s random draw of large red shirt buttons with their names stored in a black velvet bag. Though, there are times when only the winning designer will be given the choice to pick with the following choices: either keep his or her previous model, take the losing designer’s model Project Runway from the last challenge, or switch models with another competing designer

JessAlicia – Photos from a One on Uno session.

d1__mg_6440-edit.jpgFirst I want to thank Jess and Alicia of JessAlicia for modeling for myself and Dan Rowe from Rowe Portrait Studios.

Dan was my first victim of a one on one mentoring session. I really loved this approach to teaching. It allowed me to focus on exactly what Dan wanted. Workshops can sometimes overlook a couple of people that might be at different levels in their photography skills. The One on Uno session seemed much more productive.

Here is what Dan had to say,


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your One on Uno session the other day.  I really appreciate how much you were willing to work specifically on what I wanted instead of a sticking to a set “lesson plan” for the day.  The session shooting with the models was great but my favorite part was the time and attention you gave me while we were just hanging out talking.  Though it may not have seemed like it at the time I learned so much from that one day and because of your help I believe that my photography will be much more artistically solid.  I’ve been to several workshops and seminars and I’ve never had anyone take the time to give me such a detailed critique of my past work.  You were able to find patterns in my work that I had no idea even existed.  I’ve already recommended you to several of my photographer friends and that’s just not something I usually do.

Thanks again Chuck.

Thank you Dan.

If anyone is interested in personal mentoring sessions please contact me. I am able to come to you or have you come to Nashville or Kansas City. The cost is $500 for a full day + any travel. I love Southwest Air and can sleep on a spare couch if needed.:)

Here are a few images that I shot of Jess and Alicia. Dan did most of the shooting. Check out his blog for some images.

Dan went with a more dramatic off camera flash approach. I decided to keep my images more light and airy feeling. I blew out a lot of the highlights and went for a little contrast look.

aliciaJune 3, 2009 - 2:22 pm

we love the pictures! u are by far our FAVORTIE photographer! feel better chuck! xo J&A

The Brotherhood – Band photography

My friend Josiah who has modeled for me is also the lead singer of a band called the Brotherhood. This is from a shoot we did about a week ago.  Not sure if there is a lesson in here but if anyone has any questions please ask. I used one 580 for the strobed photos. I guess the goal here is to make it look like film as apposed to the very digital look a lot of commercial projects look like these days. Since he is a model I went with a more Magazine look for most of the images.


Cross Process Look

Cross Process Look


NixJune 7, 2009 - 6:34 am

Hi! Nix here from the Philippines :)

I’ve been following your blog recently, and I find your style very interesting.

I’ve been shooting for a long time now; but it’s only now that I’m feeling inclined to specialize in portraiture.

I was wondering if you could share some insights on how to get a model to pose especially if the model isn’t really a pro, say, just a friend. And being a guy, I find it rather difficult to direct a model during a shoot.

Thanks, and good luck in everything :)

ChuckieJune 9, 2009 - 6:48 pm

Thanks for the comments. Honestly the best way is to just find poses you like in magazines, cut them out and make a scrapbook. Bring it with you when you shoot and have your models pose exactly like the images. You will soon start shooting variations.
Good Luck

FlashJuly 7, 2009 - 3:21 am