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Woodward wedding – Murfreesboro TN – May 2, 2009

When it
When it’s raining you can’t go outside but you can still have fun.

Jessica and Alan. Jessica worked at one of my favorite dress places here in town The White Room. It seems rain just follows me and Jessica around. First it was her Bridals in Franklin but we got ambushed by the f4 tornado and had to pretty much scrap the shoot. Got to KC to do her shots and it was beautiful. Back in TN though for the wedding it was rain and more rain. They even had to move the reception at the very last minute. I think that worked out just fine though.

Needless to say, this was a great day and we all had a blast. I love it when the brides father is also the minister. It is so much more heartfelt and emotional. Jessica’s Dad married them.

Here are a few images.

Working with Image Composites Part II

Here is the image we are going to put together. This image is a combination of 3 images. By using the layer mask tool we can combine an image of the same person and then “paint” her back into the scene.

What you will need for this is a good Tripod.

The first thing I do is find how I want to position the camera. Once it is in place it does not move. Example 1

The I had her lye down first because I wanted to make sure that the other version of her would not be standing on her. With her on the ground first we got a visual of where to place her. Example 2

Then I had her stand over invisible self. with a good idea of where to put her feet so they would appear to be next to each other.

Shot of the enviroment

Shot of the environment

Example 2

Example 2



Once we have our 3 images. For those of you wondering these were shot with a Photogenic Powerlight 300 with an Umbrella. Bring them into photoshop as 3 separate layers.

Photoshop layers pallet

Photoshop layers pallet

I positioned the lying down girl on the top layer because I felt it would be easier to paint in the standing girl since she would ultimately overlap the girl on the ground. I have the empty room on the first layer just as a fail safe.

Add your layer masks to layer 2 and layer 3

Add Layer Masks

Add Layer Masks

Whatever the color of the layermask, in this case the default of white. Brush with black to “punch through” the layer to reveal the layer underneath.

Start to paint

Start to paint

I am not concerned with getting the painting exactly correct. The cool thing with layer masks is all you have to do is change your brush color back to white and then you can paint back the top layer which we do in the next step to bring back her dress.

Finish roughly painting

Finish roughly painting

Paint back the details with a smaller and harder edged brush, if you mess up a little just hit the “X” key and that will switch you back and forth from White to Black.

Get the Details by switchg rom a black to white color and also make the brush small and with a harder edge

Get the Details by switching from a black to white color and also make the brush small and with a harder edge

I finish up by getting some of the fist image that was darker because the flash was not firing. Make sure when you are painting that you have the layer mask selected and not the actual image. Just click on the white box next to the image and it will get a black line around it. You will also note that you can only use 2 colors, black and white.



ToniMay 14, 2009 - 8:55 pm


Laurel AustinMay 15, 2009 - 8:58 am

Very helpful! Bookmarking this page!

Steven SeeligMay 17, 2009 - 6:57 am

I have used a similar approach with scenes that have two different white balances. Make duplicate copies of the same RAW file and adjust WB in the two different images so it ‘right’ for a particular piece of the image, combine into one layered image and then use masking to clean up. I was amazed at how well that worked. I learned the concept from Neil van Niekerk website

Bridal Shoot in Kansas City – Jessica

Jessica’s story is pretty good. She lives in KC but is from Nashville. Jessica recently made a trip back to Nashville before her wedding and we were going to shoot her Bridals. So on my way over to the Loft hotel I drive under a tornado, the one that hit Murfreesboro. Jessica was just leaving the Boro and I called and told her to turn around and go back home. She did and they were in a closet while there neighborhood got hit. Pretty scary and thankfully her home was not hit. Anyway we tried to do the shoot later but she forgot a sash and it just was a bad day. The good news was I was traveling to Kansas City for a workshop I was doing and I could easily re-shoot her bridals in KC. So we got to go to my friends club, The Velvet Dog and made some really cool photos.

Here they are. Wedding pics to follow.

My Dark City – Kansas City photos

I am a member of the Brentwood Camera Club. If you are in Nashville please come to a meeting. BCC Link.

I was asked to join by my friend Vic who happened to be my wife’s anesthesiologist during my son’s birth. We hit it off talking about cameras and stuff.

What has this got to do with anything? Well I was looking for a way to get back to taking photos for me, artsy type of photos. Photos that did not have people. By joining the club I was immersed into a club full of fine art photographers. I have had the chance to meet some famous photographers also. Like Jack Spencer.

I was home in Kansas City about 2 months ago and started walking around my favorite places. So you know, I LOVE Kansas City. I miss it so much.

Here are some images from a new project that I have started. I would love to hear some opinions. Hate, em Like em, indifferent.

Toni pavlichMay 29, 2009 - 7:06 am

KC Rocks and so do these pictures!!!

[…] blogged about this series earlier in the original Dark City post. I have recently been going back to Kansas City quite a bit. When I get back I try to get out […]

Hang out at The Patterson House

Well the other night I had the good fortune to hang out with the famous Neil van Niekerk from PlanetNeil fame. Neil had asked me to present a small Video Light segment at his Nashville workshop.

As any of us who have been to workshops know, the best time is after the workshop when the hair gets let down and we all go hang out. Well it was just Neil and I hangin’. Others were invited but just could not burn that midnight oil.

It is because of this late night expedition to find a new place that I am even writing thi blog. It did not take long for Neil to convince me to do a proper blog.

Anyway, this gave me an opportunity to go check out a new bar called the Patterson House here in Nashville. I’m loving this place. It is set up like a speakeasy from the prohibition era. the entrance is a library of sorts and you have to be let back into the bar. I also have to tell you it is not marked very well – which in my opinion is pretty cool. It is in an old house.

Here is a link I found from I think one of the owners talking about it.

About the Patterson House

I need to do a photoshoot there. I will be working on that very soon.

If you are in Nashville, I suggest going. the drinks were some of the best I have ever had. The Juliet romeo was incredible. If you like cucumber and mint. The Ice is crazy. They also serve small portions of very good food.

Just go.