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Here is a great place to start with your photography education. Some of these will be covered in class. Now is a great time to delve into what photography is really about.

THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Great site by Ted Forbes. So much information and inspiration here.

LENS/SCRATCH – A daily journal that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community.

CRUSADE FOR ART & BLOG – A great resource to start understanding how to market, submit and show your work. No more starving artist mentality.

MARY VIRGINIA SWANSON – Another great resource for making and marketing your art, finding your audience and just general “how to” to get you unstuck.

ART PHOTO INDEX – A visual index of important art and documentary photographers, their images and their websites from throughout the world.

FSTOPPERS – Lots of equipment reviews, how to videos and just up to date information about all of the new techniques and work that is being done.

PHOTOQUOTES – A huge list of famous photographers and their inspiring words.

TOP TEN?  – It’s a start but there are so many photographers it is really hard to do a top 10. The first two on the list you should know about though.

PHOTO-EYE – Wonderful indexed galleries. Search by Genre.

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