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First, Thank you for wanting me to come back with the “photo booth” this year. Had a great time again. is my senior photography website.

I do this to let you know you’re senior pics can be different and more unique than going to a studio or by a tree and flipping your collar. I also don’t like over-saturated no skin images.

Who am I? A music industry & fashion photographer I also teach all over the country.

My commercial website is. If you want to check it out. I put most stuff on my Facebook page though.

I am only really marketing my services to BVHS. The reason for that is I am alumni back in 1988. That does not mean I wouldn’t love to take your senior pics if you are from another school! If you like us please share. 🙂

I’d love to take your senior pics if you like what you see.

Ok, on to the photos. Share these, download these, print these. Do whatever you want. Have fun.

Photo booth images:

Thank you all again. Please share link and video.

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