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Blue Valley High School Football

It’s that time again. Football season. One of the things I did last year to let people know I was photographing high school seniors: photograph and design a school program for the seniors. IT went over pretty well last year and this year the anticipation was really good. I choose BVHS to do this because that is the school that I graduated from, all the way back in 1988.

This year we not only designed a program but also a poster for the team. I hope to put this all over town and get some attention to BVHS but also to our studio. I wan’t to be the alternative to the typical senior portrait. My senior website is

Here is the poster we designed for the team. Front side and the back side.

BVHS poster. Front and Back

This year the theme is Win the Day. I wanted to have a shot early in the morning. A fog still on the ground and the feel of crisp air. Thankfully the morning of the shoot there was one of those amazing God enhanced sunrises. So I went and shot the field early in the morning. Trying to get a bunch of senior guys up on a Sunday might have been hard so I took their photo later that afternoon and dropped the early photo in later.

I really wanted to convey Kansas and Country, and the with the slogan meaning you have the whole day to cherish and Win.
I think we got the shot I was hoping to get. I hope the kids like it and the community.

Go Tigers.

Shawna MaaseAugust 27, 2012 - 6:11 am

Love it! I have a sophomore football player at BV and am so looking forward to you taking 2015 seniors!
2012 was wonderful too!

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