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New Look for the blog.

It seems to me that a blog site is really the way to go. So here is the latest on what is going on.
I have almost updated my website.
Go take a look and let me know what you think. Basically just a portfolio site.

This site is going to get a lot more attention. I am starting to lecture and teach much more this year. I recently taught a one on one with a great gal and photographer. It made me realize that many “professional” photographers really do not know what to do. The basic stuff, ISO, shutter, and aperture. Pro’s need to understand this, it can only make you better. I know we have instant Polaroid’s on our cameras now and if we move some dials that it will eventually turn into a good image. Also there is that software called Photoshop and Lightroom that can pretty much fix any photo and make it look professional. I think the bar for what a good photographer is has been lowered. We live in a I want everything now world and it is hurting our craft.

I want to put a challenge out to my photographer friends. Go dig out from the bins of your drawers a 1 gig compact flash card and go do a serious shoot with only that card. Shoot on RAW so you can only shoot around 50 frames.

Teach yourself patience and really look for the composition and if it is a person you are photographing, let them have time to react and become intimate with the camera. If al you do is go in gunz a blazing are you ever giving the subject a chance? Start to notice the little things. Be fearless and behold wonder. Always. We are photographers and we should be able to see things differently.

One of the greatest thing about being a photographer is I try to see everything and it is usually beautiful. The way a pane of glass reflects a light pattern on a wall is breathtaking and I try to stop and enjoy it.

Here are a couple of iPhone images from my last workshop. Just at night at the host studio, looking for the magnificent in the mundane.

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